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Author and speaker Julian Franklin is an expert in human behavior particularly as it relates to today's high-speed, roller-coaster business environment.

About Julian Franklin Productions
  Our company started in 1999 providing educational and motivational programs to schools and public libraries. We quickly expanded and continue to offer those services through a growing staff of performers and presenters. Julian Franklin, the man behind the company, has been integral to the phenomenal success of the company and continues to direct strategic operations and marketing efforts, though most of his stage time now is spent fulfilling the demand for his speaking services.

Our Staff and Faculty
  Over the years our company has grown to include an incredibly competent staff of writers, researchers, and professional presenters. The people you are most likely to deal with on a regular basis are:

Julian Franklin
Author, Speaker

Having written some 20 books, produced several audio programs, and authored well over 100 published magazine articles, Julian's abilities and knowledge are renowned.

His expertise in human behavior was founded with a very strong education and refined and honed in the jungles of real-world business. Unlike many speakers who only talk about business success, Julian Franklin has a long list of successful businesses he has started and still manages and operates.

Andrea Pugh, MA
Executive Director

Having earned a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Master's in Museum Science, Andrea is extremely attentive to detail. If it happens at Julian Franklin Productions, it is because Andrea made sure it happened. She handles everything from managing schedules to sending contracts in order to maximize the effectiveness of every program you book. Hers is the pleasant voice you hear when you call us and if you ever have a problem she is the one who will solve it to your satisfaction before you hang up the phone. Guaranteed.

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