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I’ve never done this before

September 18th, 2008

ikedamageWe went through the eye of Hurricane Ike and got virtually no damage, but check out this picture of what happened to our neighbor half a block away! It’s crazy that the same wind blows and less than a quarter of a mile separates our homes but the difference is between complete devastation and virtually no damage at all.

But we did get SOME damage and that funny story is going to make some of you a LOT of money. Here’s how…

We moved into this house six years ago. The previous owner had built a half fence between the driveway and the back yard. My wife liked it because she felt it kept our daughter from getting into the street. I hated it because it looked cheap and homemade. I wanted to buy a wrought iron gate across the driveway. I argued that it would look better while accomplishing the same goal of giving our daughter a safe place to play.

Well, in our house I get to make some decisions, but not all of them. The half fence stayed up.

Until hurricane Ike came through…

Ike cost us a fence, but saved us a fight.

Now I need your help. Here is how you can “contribute to the hurricane relief fund” while helping yourself out, too.

I don’t want hand-outs. In fact, I won’t accept them. There are people out here who legitimately need help and our family was fortunate enough not to be among them. I don’t want to belittle their plight, but I do want to make an offer that I’ve never made before.

I have run specials on certain products from time to time. It is rare but I’ve done it. Personally I don’t believe in holding sales as they teach your customers NOT to buy, but to wait for a sale instead. Sales upset your loyal customers who paid full price. So I’ve never had a sale and vowed I never would. I think it is bad business.

But I need to get a wrought iron gate across our driveway THIS WEEK and it’s going to cost almost $4,000. Quite frankly, I don’t have four grand tucked in my sock drawer. August is my dead month and the four days of school shows I had booked for last week all had to cancel due to the storm. Next week’s shows are “slow pays” so I’m not expecting another bank deposit for several weeks at best.

So I’m doing something I vowed I would never do.

I’m running a sale. On EVERYTHING. From my best selling book “Kid Control”, to all my marketing systems like “Viral Marketing” and “Developing Educationally Significant Programs”. I’m even offering the discount on the Business Building Workshop I’m holding this January.

FINE PRINT: The sale is a blanket 25% off of EVERYTHING you buy from me. No other discounts or specials apply. Everything comes with a money back guarantee but the guarantee is only for the money you actually paid for the product. You cannot buy at a discount and get a refund at full price. The sale will last for seven days or until I sell enough to pay for the new gate, whichever comes first. The coupon code automatically expires at midnight on Friday, September 26th but if we get enough for the gate it will end sooner. I expect it to be done before the weekend is through.

If there is anything you’ve been thinking about ordering from me, do it NOW. You can always get your money back later as my guarantee is iron clad.

To get the discount, shop as usual at the web sites below. Upon checkout enter the coupon code: Ike. When you then click the “recalculate” button you will see your discount. <– business building products, magic tricks, audio programs, books <– The Business building workshop (DON’T miss this event!!) <– books and posters for my school show clients, buy you might want to check them out as well.

If the coupon code doesn’t work it means that the quota has already been met and the sale is over.






We’re Doing Fine

September 15th, 2008

In the aftermath of the hurricane, I just wanted to post a note to let you know that we are doing okay. There was no damage to the house, the family is doing fine, and except for the inconvenience of the loss of our electricity, we have enjoyed a quiet weekend at home. We are eating very well, as we have grilled everything that has thawed since Saturday morning (thank goodness for gas grills!). I don’t think we have eaten this many “meaty” meals in a long time, but it has been interesting to see what we had in the freezer.

My daughter was very excited about the lack of power on the first day since she would be able to use her flashlight, but the novelty is beginning to wear off, and, like her parents, she is ready for normal again.

Our phone lines still work, and we have one old fashioned phone that doesn’t require electricity, so we are still running the business as much as we can. With no electricity, we have no access to the internet, so we are unable to receive or send e-mails, but be assured we will get to them as soon as the power comes back on. Feel free to call us. We’ve got nothing else to do!

You may remember that I have written before about how much I use the computer but that we still have to have paper in the office. This week we are glad to be old fashioned! And those guys and gals who live and die by the electronic calendar, well – I’m going to miss them.