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Gift: Seth Godin Audiobook

December 28th, 2008

On another blog I wrote a post about achieving goals that created a little controversy, in part because I stood to make some money. So to make ammends to anyone who was upset I am giving a gift to everyone.

Okay, actually I’m not the one giving it. Seth Godin is. And the real truth is that it’s not even my idea. This gift was first given to me by a friend of mine from South Africa named Marcel Oudejans who is one of the savviest guys I’ve met in a long time.

He told me about the free download on his blog. So, to return the favor to him for sharing with me this resource, I’m going to have you get the link from HIS blog, not mine. Of course, he doesn’t profit from this either, but hopefully you’ll like the stuff he writes and start following his blogs as well as mine.

Either way, enjoy the Seth Godin book. I know you’ll enjoy the price ($0)

Just for the record, you will have to follow a link from Marcel’s blog to get to the free download and you’ll need to download some free software from Audiobook in order to process the download. It is all very intuitive and easy and will take less than 4 minutes.

It’s worth it.