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What to Expect Here

June 22nd, 2006

I write a monthly column on the business of magic in a magazine for professional performers called “The Linking Ring”. I also lecture, have written almost 20 books, publish a free monthly newsletter, and a produce a weekly e-zine for paid subscribers only called “52 Weekly Steps to Success“. You can also find my thoughts on web sites and list servers around the world. But primarily I make my living by performing for children. I perform between 500-800 paid shows per year but work only 200-225 days per year.

In the process of writing and lecturing, I get a lot of questions and comments from readers. I’ve decided to share their thoughts and questions along with my repsonses so that others can benefit from a shared sort of network.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to submit a question, feel free to e-mail me. My contact information can be found at www.JulianSpeaks.com


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