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My “secret” Little Business

I’m lazy.


No one believes me, but the reality is that I am really lazy and get a lot done because I’m a believer in systems. I like to set things up and let them run on auto pilot for as long as possible.


I’ve got more than 35 little “businesses” that I run, most of them secret, and most of them involve absolutely NO EFFORT on my part. Today I’m going to share with you ONE of those secret little businesses with you.


For sure, you have to accept that none of these little guys are making me five or six figures annually, but I promise you that they aren’t taking up ANY of my time, so even if I only make a few thousand dollars, or even a couple of hundred bucks every year, it’s all gravy.


So here’s the super simple business I’m sharing with you today:


I don’t know much about computers, but I have a lot of geek friends who don’t know much about business. We talk, they share their geeky ideas, and then I figure out how to make money with them. All of us end up better off.


CASE IN POINT: When you visit a web page that has been removed, altered, renamed, misnamed, or you just did a typo while entering the URL, you get a very common error message.


Try this: go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fksldfkj and you will see a typical error page.


Now go to your own domain name and enter a non-existent URL (ex: www.YourDomainName.com/blah-blah-blah )


They look rather similar, right? You’ve probably seen these error pages before, but you probably didn’t know that you have control over the error pages that show up on your own domains.


Not sure? Visit a fictitious page on any of my sites. (ex: http://JulianSpeaks.com/blah )


Pretty cool, huh?


Now, here’s where it gets cooler. I’ve put together a short, step-by-step description of exactly how to create your OWN 404 Error pages that you can use to keep people on your site, AND to sell whatever you think they might want.


This is what I normally sell on my own error pages (as you can see when you attempt to visit a fictitious page or a broken link on my site), and it has a normal retail price of $27.77 but for this week I’m slashing the price by $20 so you can have it all for just $7.77.


Because it is an instant PDF download you pay no shipping charges, so when I say $7.77 that’s exactly what I mean. That’s crazy cheap!


But here’s where it gets even better. I like things to be automated. This particular business of mine is completely automated. I don’t have to actually send you anything. Instead it is all powered by The Amazing System (an integrated shopping cart, database, digital product delivery system, broadcast email system, and autoresponder system). That’s why I can offer this so cheap. I don’t do any work.


(FYI: Even this email and a matching blog entry were both written weeks ago and scheduled to go out while I am currently in front of an audience).


I’d like to expand my automated business and help YOU join me on this particular model that involves no work and no marketing on your part. So, if you purchase the system and decide you’d like to re-sell it to people on your own site who stumble across YOUR error pages, I will set you up as an affiliate and waive all affiliate set up charges.


You start an online business in which you do NOTHING and it costs you NOTHING to run or maintain. All you have to do is set up your own error pages which is something you should do anyway and I teach you exactly how to do it for less than you will spend on coffee today.


Imagine having a sustainable business that will work for you forever knowing that you spent less than $8 to get it all going.


To get started just visit any fictitious page you can imagine on any of my web sites and then purchase the product for a 72% discount. The instructions for becoming an affiliate are included in the INSTANT pdf download.


Your automated business could be up and running before your next meal!



(or any other string of random letters after the “/”)


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