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T.O. Got Cut

March 9th, 2009

So the Cowboys cut T.O. from the team. They were sick of putting up with his ****, I guess. Already there are several team owners who have voiced the fact that they will NOT be entertaining the thought of hiring Tyrell at ANY price.

Tyrell Owens is an amazingly talented athlete. His skills on the field command a premium in the marketplace.

But because he is so difficult to work with and because he causes friction among his team mates his value in the marketplace diminishes. When there are fewer and fewer team owners willing to offer you a jersey, you end up with a lower and lower salary.

So his skills earn him millions of dollars for as long as he is able to deliver, while his attitude costs him millions of dollars and will continue to do so long after he is no longer useful on the field. And the history of football says that he doesn’t have all that many useful years left on the field.

If he manages his money as poorly as he does his behavior (and I would bet he does worse) then my bet is that he will be selling life insurance during his retirement years instead of living the lifestyle of a man who earned what he did last year.


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