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How Much for Veal Cutlets?

Earlier this week I wrote about bartering and what you might consider accepting for your work. There were a few private comments that suggested it wasn’t the best business practice to leave “money on the table” so to speak. That is, a prudent business person might want to negotiate in a way that ensured they got the maximum amount for their time.

I disagree.

What does this have to do with veal cutlets? Here’s the joke.

A lady walks into a butcher shop and asks how much the veal cutlets are. The butcher says “Eight dollars a pound”.

“The shop across the street sells them for six dollars a pound”, the lady says.

“So why don’t you buy them from him?” the butcher asks.

“Because he doesn’t have any.”

“You should shop here lady. When we don’t have veal cutlets, they’re only $4.50 a pound!”

My question is: Would you rather have your dream price in theory or a fair fee in your pocket? Price fair and you can keep your customers happy and coming back, you also never have to stress about quoting a fee. You state it up front with confidence, and you will be surprised what happens.

I have a friend who has a different set of ideas about this and I’ll share them with you in a few days.


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