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What Was He THINKING!?!

September 22nd, 2006

People ask me how I have the ability to update two blogs every week (sometimes two or three times a week), write a monthly magazine column for The Linking Ring (the most widely distributed magic magazine on the planet), write another regular column for The Funny Paper, perform 700+ paid engagements each year, and still have time to lecture, write books, record audio products, host an annual conference, and all while vacationing at least 6-8 weeks each year.Business Building Workshop last year who called me today to tell me about something that happened in a parking lot. He saw a truck with what seemed to be at least $2,000 worth of graphic design artwork on the vehicle. Graphic window tinting, custom paint job, the whole nine yards. It all promotes promotional items such as imprinted key chains, coozies, and monogrammed shirts.blue and gold scout banquets. I offer people the chance to buy in at $79 and I have guys who call, ask some questions, think about it, think some more, and eventually just drop it.

The answer is that I am constantly thinking in terms of “articles” and occasionally I convince friends and business associates to keep their eyes and ears open as well. I train people in my group well.

So I have a guy who attended my

So my man walks up to the guy and tells him he want some shirts monogrammed. My man hands him a card. The guy hands him some quality coozies, a few key chains, and a business card printed on a piece of perforated card stock.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The guy tells my man that he’s got $5,000+ of equipment (and starts talking threads per inch and some other criteria that no one outside of his industry has even the slightest clue what he means), clearly has thousands invested in the graphic design work on his car, and then talks about the high quality of his work. But then seals the deal by handing my guy a pretend business card!

Professionally printed business cards are about $25 for 500. If you can’t invest in your business what you would drop on a large pizza, then you have no business being in business.

I have a new thing I’m doing where I’ve spent thousands on nationwide advertising for those who want to do

In my mind I’m thinking “It’s $79. You spend more on cable television each and every month but you are worried about whether or not this will result in several thousand dollars worth or business or “just” several hundred. Stick your head back under the rock because I don’t want people like you involved!”

Why would you run 25 miles of a marathon and then quit a mile and a half from the finish line?

Why spend so much money on your equipment, your car, your professional image and then destroy it with a home-made card that could have been produced in quantities of 500-1,000 for less than a tank of gas?

This is even MORE true for a guy who claims to offer the ability to promote yourself in a professional way.

So here is the question for YOU: What corners are you cutting that simply shouldn’t be cut in your line of work? If you are a trade show performer then your clothes need to be top of the line. If you are a clown, maybe not. But if you are a clown, you better have a very funny web site and answering machine.

Please don’t spend thousands creating one impression and then destroy it trying to save $50.

–Julian Franklin


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