Liberty Children’s Puppet Show

November 17th, 2014

Liberty Children’s Puppet Shows

If you are searching for Liberty Children’s Puppet Shows, there is really only ONE puppeteer to consider. Julian Franklin has been performing children’s puppet shows in the Liberty area as a full-time professional ventriloquist since 1999. Your children have probably seen him at their school or maybe at a birthday party or scout banquet. He’s presented to over 2,000,000 Texas children!

What Kind of Liberty Children’s Puppet Shows?

While most of the children’s puppet shows that Julian performs are presented with an educational twist in public and private schools, he is also available for private events like birthday celebrations. Julian is a certified educator in Texas and worked for eight years in the classroom. Since 1999 he has been performing full-time. He brings those decades of experience with children straight to your living room to the delight of your children.


Learn more about Liberty Children’s Puppet Shows

If you think that you might want to learn more about what makes Julian the most in-demand puppeteer when it comes to Liberty Children’s Puppet Shows…if you want to find out exactly what makes his shows so hilarious and dynamic…if you want to get a little more info before making a decision then just visit and read what other parents thought of the show. Or you can call us at 281-481-5439 and inquire about our Liberty children’s puppet show.

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