There was a little bit of controversy generated last week when I recommended a product for which I get an affiliate referral fee. It was suggested that my recomendation might have been influenced by the few dollars I might make in affiliate fees.

I wrote a response to the idea and you can read it as well as all the other controversial comments on my business building blog. Just scroll down and click where it tells you the number of comments. You're welcome to add your own, positive or negative, if you want.

But my wife suggested that rather than TELL people about how effective the program is, why don't I SHOW them something irrefutable. You can't see improvements in self-confidence or my personal productivity, but you can definately see the results of what happens when I listened to I Love Exercising and Eating for Excellent Health.

The "Before" picture below is me eleven months ago when I was lecturing at my Business Building Workshop. Look at that gut hanging over my belt! I wasn't obese, but that is clearly an extra 40 pounds of fat that I was carrying around everywhere I went. It inhibited my flexability and made everything I did more exhausting. Can you imagine going everywhere you went with a 6 year old child hanging on your back? That's a lot of weight to carry around.

Before - 248 lbs After - 212 lbs with increased muscle mass
              BEFORE                                                                                               AFTER

The second picture is of me taken on Dec. 13, 2008. I've lost the fat and packed on a little bit of muscle mass to replace it. I did this WITHOUT skipping meals, without starving, without suffering and without going to the gym everyday. When I visit the gym I never stay more than 45 minutes, and usually only 30-35 minutes. Instead I accomplished those results while writing two new lectures this year, doing research for a new program I'm creating, reading my normal load of 50+ books every year and 25+ magazines every month, writing regular magazine columns, and taking on a new role as advertising manager of a national trade journal. And still I perform 500+ elementary school assembly programs and summer library reading shows among several other business ventures.

Instead it all began by reprogramming my brain to accept that the "after" picture is my true self-image (even when I could only see it in my mind's eye) and then allowing my natural instincts work to bring that image and reality into alignment. And remember, this picture was taken with NO advance notice. The controversy started days ago.This is what I look like having just passed through Thanksgiving and as we head into Christmas, a traditionally difficult time to lose weight.

If that seems impossible, or even unlikely then I challenge you to give yourself the best gift you could possibly give yourself this coming year: the gift of a new you. Order a product from ThinkRightNow. They give a six month money-back guarantee. Send me a copy of the e-mail reciept they send you after you order and I'll send you a CD and lecture notes of my lecture on how to fully implement the ThinkRightNow program into your daily life and how and why it is so effective. You pay NOTHING for my CD and lecture notes - not even shipping. It's my gift to you with no cost and no strings.

If, after six months you don't see amazing results from the ThinkRightNow program, return the CDs to ThinkRightNow and get your money back, but keep my CD and lecture notes as a gift for trying the program.

And if it bothers you that I make an affiliate referral fee then go straight to their web site and order the program without going through my affiliate link. I'll STILL send you my CD for free if you forward a copy of your reciept. But if you have those sorts of hang-ups about money, I suggest that the first program you buy is "Financial Abundance". I think you'll find the changes in your attitude liberating and profitable!

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