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Kid Control

This book teaches behavior management for those who work with children on a short term basis (pediatricians, entertainers, Sunday school teachers, librarians, baby sitters, substitute teachers, etc.).
  • 8+ methods of directing behavior
  • Why children misbehave
  • How to increase desired behaviors
  • How to decrease negative behaviors
  • Dealing with shy children
  • Dealing with a particularly difficult child
  • Handling power struggles (not what you think!)
  • Why "nipping it in the bud" is not always the best method for dealing with bad behavior and how it can often times make matters MUCH WORSE.

Hard Copy - Perfect Bound, soft cover.

E-Book Version - Digital e-book. Product delivered instantly with no S&H and a ZERO carbon footprint!
Business Building Workshop

Originally an annual public seminar that attendees paid $2,500 to attend. This is a compilation of three years of the conferences with duplicate material edited out. Includes over 50 hours of intensive lectures, private mastermind brain storming sessions, evening workshops, follow up telephone mastermind sessions, a bonus interview with actual clients, CD-ROM with all the printed manuals as PDF files, and a CD-ROM with all the photographs and videos used in the conference.

Available as CD set (43 Audio CDs + CD-ROMs + several bonus audio CDs including 5 private, closed-session brain-storming sessions)


This product is for performing artists who would like to enter the school show market (magicians, authors, speakers, musicians, storytellers, etc.)


Over 50 hours of material!

For more than a decade Julian Franklin was the leading marketing advisor to the world's top magicians and performing artists. He continues to write the monthly column "The Business of Magic" in The Linking Ring magazine as he has for the past seven years. His books, CDs and other product offerings he created for performing artists are available exclusively through Brad Ross at

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