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Author, speaker, and entrepreneur Julian Franklin has the experience and knowledge to help make your next event powerful, meaningful and memorable.

To open a conversation about your next event, contact us by phone, fax or e-mail, or simply contact your favorite bureau.


Julian is hired by organizations and associations interested in impacting their audiences in any of the following ways:

Too often conferences are held, excitement builds, the energy is high, and everyone leaves with a list of projects and the best intentions of completing them. But on Monday morning there is a backlog in the "inbox", a long list of phone calls to be returned, a pile of mail to be sorted, as well as the usual schedule of events that occurs each Monday even when you HAVEN'T been away at a conference.

And so notebooks are filed in corners on dusty shelves to be forgotten along with the others from past conferences. A few of the easier action items are implemented but the energy from the event quickly fades, the momentum is lost, and the energy and excitement dissipate like a morning fog.

It doesn't have to happen this way. I could be more like this...

Inspiring a Work Force or Downline to Embrace Risk or Change
The world today is changing fast and in order to stay abreast an organization needs to behave more like an entrepreneurial start-up and less like a cumbersome bureaucracy. If you are ready to have your organization embrace the opportunity that always accompanies change, if you are eager to have your people experience change as the exciting opportunity that it is, then you need to feel the power of what Julian Franklin can deliver.


Julian has keynote called "Confessions of Mega-Achievers" where he covers the seven attributes that super achievers all have in common. It isn't about intelligence, or aptitude, or even burning the candle at both ends. Achievement is actually more about waking up to the fact that we are not the same junior-high kids we once were and the limits and advantages we had at that time no longer apply, even though most of us still live like they do.

Organizational Productivity
Life balances itself. Most of us don't need to "find more balance" in our lives. What we need to do is decide HOW we want to balance our lives. The most successful people, the happiest people in the world are the ones who understand that there is no guilt in working hard and putting in extra hours when it is needed.

There is a feel-good myth rapidly spreading that seems to encourage a disregard for organizational productivity in exchange for whimsical sloth all in the name of "balance". Julian Franklin delivers an honest, humorous, and exciting talk called "Balance is Bunk" where he points out that the fastest, more secure path to happiness hinges on periods of explosive productivity followed by the (then) well-deserved periods of rest and renewal.


Laughing Matters
Based on Julian's years of experience as a teacher in some of Texas' toughest classrooms, coupled with his decades of experience as a comedic performer, this program brings together the importance of a joyful environment. We can't control all aspects of our work environment and we can't always control who we work with, but we always have control over our sense of humor about what we face every day.

Laughter opens the mind to possibility and a joyful work place is vital to retaining top performers.

Your people will be left with cheeks sore from smiling, hands tired from scribbling ideas, and souls invigorated and excited about getting back to work.

Kid Control (a Teacher In-Service or Staff Development)
Julian Franklin, behavior change expert and the author of Kid Control, has combined years of practical classroom experience with thousands of hours of thorough research in Psychology and Human Behavior to create a very profound program on classroom behavior modification. This program is advanced enough to provide valuable insights to your teachers dealing with extreme behavior issues in their classrooms but practical enough to apply to each and every staff and faculty member.

This talk is hilariously funny, compassionately blunt, and empowering in its simplicity and practicality. Your faculty will laugh and learn. But above all, they will leave with the tools they need to more effectively change the lives they've been charged with teaching.

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