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Author and speaker Julian Franklin is an expert in human behavior, particularly as it relates to today's high-speed, roller-coaster business environment.

Within the Continental United States
   $2,500    Keynote
   $3,500    Full-day (can be multiple sessions including break-outs)

   $5,000    Keynote
   $7,500    Full-day

What Travel Fees Include
    All transportation (ground and air)
    All meals
    All lodging (except on-site lodging for multiple-day events)
    Any incidentals involved in getting to the event (tolls, valet, etc.)

Why we Charge a Flat Fee for Travel
   Rather than dealing with the endless hassle of various scraps of paper and the tedium of the reimbursement process, our staff and our clients have agreed that the simplest method of dealing with travel is as a single lump sum payment determined in advance. This makes planning for our clients much easier, and invariably less expensive than line-by-line expenses.

Within 150 miles of Houston, Texas
   No Travel Fee

Within the Continental United States

North America & Hawaii


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