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Testimonials are what applause looks like in print.

"Thoroughly entertaining! I was very impressed...I highly recommend him for a program".
   Vicki Powers
   Winterman Library
   Hired Julian every year 2002-2010


"Thanks Julian for all your help on our Creativity At Sea cruise. You were more than prepared and delivered your workshop with excellence which is exactly what we expected of you. You truly live up to your press".
   Barry Mitchell and Tim Sonefelt
   Founders of
   Hired Julian 2008 and 2010

"What I liked most was the comfort that hiring you produced. I KNEW you could handle anything that huge crowd could throw at you. You cover the details professionally. If I could tell others in my field anything about you I would simply say "BOOK HIM!".
   Linda Befeld
   City of Pasadena, Texas
   Hired Julian multiple times

"Julian Franklin is magnetic! When he speaks for our group it is always significant and important. However, the nicest thing is that he's low maintenance. Point him in the direction of the stage, turn on the mic and he goes to work. Afterwards he's followed "guru" like for the rest of the conference. What more can you ask for?!"
   Mark Daniel, President
   KIDabra International
   Hired Julian 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

"I hired Julian to close our 3-day Super Conference with his talk on Explosive Productivity and it KILLED! Not only are his talks well researched, but he is so entertaining that he had everyone eating out of his hand. I immediately re-hired him for the following year because he adds credibility and professionalism to my event".
   Eric Paul, President
   Successful Events
   Hired Julian 2008 and 2009

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